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“You’re Invited To Join Us On A Real Treasure Hunt As We Manifest A Dream Vacation Paid For By The Universe!”

Follow along as we walk-you-through our entire 5-step method and show you how manifestation actually works in the REAL-WORLD. We're taking you under our wings to accelerate your success & help you manifest your heart's desires starting in no time.

See the pics above?

Those were just a few of the best moments from our all-expenses paid dream vacation to the beach.

There I am hanging in a hammock overlooking the pool & hot tubs… taking a dip on the peaceful, nearly secluded beach … and both of us catching some rays as the gentle wave wash ashore. It was an awesome, unforgettable experience. We had so much fun.

But, I have to confess…

Those picture perfect highlights don’t tell the full story behind the manifestation.

Not even close to it.

Because before we experienced those magical moments, we had to go on a Manifestation “Treasure Hunt” to actually co-create & receive them.

Consider: how many times have you seen manifestation teachers (or maybe just friends) show-off pictures of their successful manifestations online?

Where somebody manifests money, a house, or relationship? They always show-off the “final highlights.”

But, how often do they take you through the “behind the scenes” process they used to actually call-it in?

I’m talking about the challenges, the lessons, the perfectly timed events, and the exact steps behind the manifestation?

After all, in the real world, there are a LOT of challenges, obstacles, and “moving pieces” that naturally come-up – especially when multiple people are involved.

And without hearing the real story, you can’t
learn how to manifest for real.

Imagine going to a cake baking class. And the instructor skipping over all the steps and only showing you the finished decorated cake?

Even if they later tried to explain all the previous steps, chances are, they’d leave out a LOT of important information. It would be impossible to follow along.

It doesn’t make sense to teach like this, but that’s how a lot of manifestation courses do it. All the most crucial details are left out.

Instead, if you want to master a new skill, you need to watch it in action, from start to finish. See exactly how it’s done. With nothing held back.

This is why Katie and I decided to create a special upgrade for new Thrifty Manifestation eCourse members.

An opportunity to receive a behind the scenes look, as we go on a real-life treasure hunt to manifest a dream beach vacation.

We’re not just talking about showing you the highlights, like the unforgettable ocean sunset and the $14,454 showing up right before we left – making our vacation essentially FREE.

But, as we manifested the vacation, we wrote down and documented all 5 steps. So, you can see exactly how we received our idea, overcame limiting beliefs, called-in our treasure map, and all the magic & lessons we received along the way.

It’s like you’re there with us, watching the ups and how we overcame the obstacles too.

Truth is, no matter how experienced of a manifestor you are, there are always opportunities for learning and growth. And this amazing manifestation was no exception.

When things seemingly didn’t go “according to plan,” you’ll see how we stayed focused on the highest timeline and manifested a magical dream experience.

I’m talking about a level of perfectly arranged people, places, timing, and events that could only be dreamed up by the Divine intelligence of the Universe.

This really is the missing puzzle piece behind true manifestation. The most important manifestation steps aren’t just at the beginning…

They’re all along the way.

And now… you’re going to see the full story of how creating your reality in partnership with The Universe actually works.

So, are you ready?

Ready to get the inside scoop on how to truly co-create your reality with the Divine?

Ready to speed-up your success with Thrifty Manifestation by seeing all 5 steps in action?

And are you ready to experience more synchronicity and magic from The Universe? So perfectly arranged, it will give you goosebumps?

Then, upgrade your Thrifty Manifestation experience and come join us for the…

Dream Vacation Treasure Hunt

A Real-World Behind The Scenes Manifesting Experience!

The Dream Vacation Treasure Hunt is a tell-all training video that takes you behind the scenes. You get to see step-by-step EXACTLY how we manifested a dream beach vacation, paid for by the Universe – with $14,454 in unexpected cash.

All 5 steps of Thrifty Manifestation are revealed in crystal clear detail through the lens of a real-world example. So, you can get the hang of true manifestation much quicker. 

It’s like you’re there with us, watching over our shoulders, and gaining experience through our journey.

A true guided shortcut to mastering The Thrifty Manifestation method in record time.

Inside this life-changing training video, you’ll discover:

The EXACT words we wrote down for all 5 steps, the unfiltered truth about obstacles & limiting beliefs that arose, and the perfectly arranged synchronicities that appeared as we followed our “treasure map.”
How we dreamed up the vision of the manifestation idea TOGETHER as a team along with guidance from The Universe. Two people manifesting for the same vision can amplify your success… BUT how do you get on the same page? (We’ll share how we synched up our wish-lists with the help from the Universe).
Is it REALLY possible to manifest a dream vacation during a busy week with sold out hotels, for free? Even we experienced limiting beliefs along the way. See how we instantly shifted our perspective and built unstoppable momentum with The 6th Sense Method, along with the perfect step-by-step guidance from the Universe.
Hear how our “treasure map” took shape, the intuitive hits & hints we received, the “wrong turn” we took early in the journey (which we later found out wasn't wrong at all), plus all the surprises along the way – including a perfectly-timed phone call from a neighbor that instantly made things more “budget friendly.” 
Finally, the surprise $14,454.00 payday that arrived one day before our trip – and paid for our vacation in full, plus left over a TON of extra “Spending cash.” Yep, sometimes “small manifestations” turn into life-changing ones – and we’re giving you the inside scoop on how it can happen for you too.
Plus so much more! This is the real-deal truth on how manifestation actually works.

Listen: growing-up, you didn’t learn to ride a bike or swim in a pool by reading about it.

Instead, you jumped-on and you jumped-in. You practiced, you played, you experienced all you needed to know.

This is exactly HOW you become a master of manifestation.

You’ve got to get immersed in it. Play with it through real-world experience.

This special video upgrade is your invitation to see exactly how this incredible manifestation happened. And, follow along with us, step-by-step. It’s like you’re there with us, experiencing it all.

So, you can more easily manifest your first treasure, and maybe a dream vacation of your own.

It’s the perfect addition to have alongside the eCourse. A guided behind the scenes shortcut.

Our goal is to speed up your success so you can more easily manifest your smaller manifestations, and quickly move on to the bigger ones.

With The Dream Vacation Treasure Hunt, all the steps are included, nothing is left out. You get to see exactly how it’s done. We documented it all.

Plus, to go along with the Treasure Hunt Training video, we’re also including...

The Complete Thrifty Manifestation eBook.

This 88-page guide takes you behind the scenes to share how we manifested some of our favorite treasures, including the “Blue Jay” camping van and our two cozy dream couches. Plus, we go much more in-depth into the 5 steps.

We recommend all our Treasure Hunt eCourse participants have this guide. When you upgrade, you’re getting a PDF version of the eBook included.

Best Part Is…

When you join us through this special upgrade page for eCourse members, we’ve got a very special deal for you.

Originally, we thought about offering The Dream Vacation Treasure Hunt as a standalone course – where it could easily sell for $111. And, we still might do some version of this.

But, after completing the video, Katie and I decided we wanted all our Thrifty Manifestation members to have access at an affordable price. So, no one is left out.

This is why we settled on a future price of just $88. But, notice I said “future price.” That’s because to celebrate the launch of Thrifty Manifestation we’re offering the Dream Vacation Treasure Hunt for 75% off.

Yep, only $88 $22. This special pricing is for new e-course sign-ups, only through this page.

Considering we've saved and manifested thousands of dollars with The Thrifty Manifestation Method ($14,454 on this manifestation alone), that’s a great bargain. We're confident you can easily make back this amount in no time at all. 

To take us up on this special 75% off discount, simply click on the Add To Cart button below.

When you join us today, you’re doing so 100% risk-free.

Because every member is protected by our…

Risk-Free, 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works:

Simply give The Dream Vacation Treasure Hunt a watch. Follow along and apply the 5 steps for your own manifestation.

Our promise is you’ll instantly experience a new wave of confidence wash over you, as perfectly-timed signs & synchronicities begin flowing into your life. And soon, you’ll be awash in new beautiful treasures, blessings, and epic personal expansion too.

This must happen, or we insist you send us a simple note for a simple, no-hassle refund of every cent. You have a full 60-days to watch the video and give the 5 steps a try, 100% risk-free.

Plus, When You Upgrade Today, We’re Including a Special Bonus Gift…

The 5 Step Thrifty Manifestation "Flowsheet” Downloadable PDF

As we manifested the Beach Vacation, we wrote down our answers for all of the steps in this short and easy-to-follow, printable “5-Step Flowsheet.”

This is great for first time Thrifty Manifestors because it leads you through all 5 steps without the need to go back to the eBook & eCourse for directions.

This will save you a ton of time and energy.

To Claim Your Special 75% Off Discount and Bonus, Simply Click Below.

This offer was created only for new Thrifty Manifestation members to get you off to an exciting fast start.

You can think of The Dream Vacation Treasure Hunt like you’re going on a treasure hunting adventure with us.

You get to see what we see, understand how we respond, and witness the magic that unfolds. So, you can go on to become one of our top Thrifty Manifestation treasure hunter success stories.

Instead of taking the longer and slower way to manifestation success… it’s like we’re taking you under our wings and showing you all our secrets & shortcuts.

So, come on & join us. This is going to be so much fun.

We can’t wait to have you along with us on this journey. You’re invited to join us 100% risk-free, for 60-days…

75% Off Launch Discount - Today Only $88 $22


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