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24-Hour Manifestation Soul Activation

This empowering guided soul activation helps you manifest your first treasure starting within 24 hours after listening! Clears stuck energy and "turns on" your manifestation soul gifts. (Narrated by Hans and co-written with Katie)

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The Dream Vacation Treasure Hunt Video - Takes you behind the scenes as the 5-steps manifest a dream beach vacation "paid for by the Universe."
The Thrifty Manifestation eBook - Reveals the 5 steps in detail, plus the manifestation stories of "Blue Jay" the camping van, our "Two dream couches," and many more treasures & blessings. 
The Thrifty Manifestation Flow-Sheet - Just print & fill-out the simple prompts to quickly & easily receive your "Treasure Map." 
Access to the Thrifty Manifestation Facebook Group - Share your success stories, overcome obstacles, & manifest alongside a  supportive community of like-minded souls.

About Your Adventure Guides

Hans & Katie Klein

This Brother and Sister team originally created Thrifty Manifestation as a fun game to deepen their trust & connection with The Universe. Today, people all over the world are discovering their unique 5-step method to receive "treasure maps" from The Universe and call-in awe-inspiring treasures, gifts, & blessings of their own. 

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