Day 5: Receiving Our Treasure Map

Welcome back to the Thrifty Manifestation Treasure Hunt eCourse! 

So far, we’ve received our idea through divine inspiration, found our why to create meaning, and overcame limitations with the 6th Sense Method.

This has all led-up to today where we dive into…

Step # 4: Open & Trust Guidance From The Universe As Your “Treasure Map” Is Revealed

Yep, we’re going to receive a real-life treasure map from the Universe.

What exactly do we mean by “Treasure Map?”

As discussed, Thrifty Manifestation is a two-player game... with the Universe as your partner and guide. Rather than going it alone, we’re co-creating alongside Source (which knows the "big picture.")

Now, let me ask you a question: What’s the number one most basic rule to having great relationships?

That’s right… communication!

In order to have a true partnership, you have to be able to talk with each other.

Luckily, the Universe provided us a way to connect and receive its messages...

An Internal GPS Navigation Device
Built Into Every Human Alive!

Some people call this GPS device other names like, your “gut feeling,” a “6th sense” or simply your intuition.

As we discuss inside the Thrifty Manifestation eBook, most of us have become completely disconnected from our intuition. We’ve “turned it off” in favor of our logical mind.

We no longer realize how truly connected we can be. With practice, we really can get to a point where it’s like we’re having a two way conversation with the Universe.

This connection can give you insights and guidance FAR MORE advanced than any computer or “expert.” Why? Because The Universe knows the "big picture." It can see how all the puzzle pieces fit together. The people, the places, the events, and your unique soul energy, purpose, and gifts. 

Katie and I use the information from Source to do everything in our everyday lives from deciding what foods would be the healthiest to eat, which supplements are for our bodies' highest good, and sometimes even we use the guidance for driving directions.

One time we were visiting Asheville, NC on vacation and decided to use our intuition to find a perfect area for our picnic lunch. We decided we would make every turn based on our intuitive feelings. This not only quickly led us to a great quiet parking spot behind a church with a pretty view, but we also had a “celebrity sighting.” A singer from one of Katie’s favorite bands walked right past us to the tea house across the street.

A “wink” from the Universe giving us magical validation that we followed the intuitive nudges correctly.

So, when we call your intuition a Internal Navigation Device, we weren’t kidding. It really can act exactly like one -- except way better. The GPS on your phone would have no idea about the celebrity arriving just at that specific moment. It can't see the "big picture."

Now, for the purpose of Thrifty Manifestation, we only need to know the very basics.

Your emotions (and nervous system) are how the Universe communicates with you. It’s your GPS device.

We’re simplifying things a bit, but the general rule is:

When something feels good (excitement, a rise in energy, fun), then that’s a sign something about it is in resonance with you. It’s like receiving an “on track” message from The Universe.

When something feels bad (dread, a sinking feeling, or low energy around it), then that’s a sign something about it is not in resonance. It’s like receiving an “off track” message from the Universe.

Often when it comes to finding your treasure, you may receive a neutral feeling (no much emotion around it). We’ve found this is a good sign, and an indication that what you experience will likely be determined by your attitude around it.

Okay, so those rules of thumb may sound pretty basic. And in a sense they are. But, the challenge is most of us are disconnected from our feelings. We’re used to navigating the world through our minds, constantly overriding our emotions with logic.

Now, for the first time, we’re doing the opposite, where we may be called to trust what we’re feeling over logic. In fact, probably a majority of the time what we’re feeling won’t line-up completely with what we are thinking. 

Here’s an example of where it might come up:

You’ve made a list of all the places you want to visit or call.

What we then ask you to do is go through the list and say the name of the store, person, or place out loud. Then, pause and notice how it makes you feel.

Sometimes you’ll read out a sale or store that on paper makes total logical sense. Why wouldn’t we go there first, you’ll wonder? But, the emotion that comes-up is one of “meh” or even dread. Instead, you might have a friend on the list you thought to call. You don’t why you thought to call them, it makes no sense at all, but that’s the idea you got. And when you say the person’s name out loud, you feel a sense of excitement. You then call and it turns out that the person knows the place where you’re manifestation is waiting for you.

In this example, the intuition was leading you to the quickest way to your manifestation – the highest possible outcome. This is because the Universe knows the “big picture” and the logical mind does not. No matter how brilliant the mind, without all the information intuition provides, it's extremely limited.

At first, learning to trust your intuition over logic will feel a bit like learning how to ride a bike. You may fall a few times (where you go against your intuition, only to see how the mind led you astray). But, eventually when you do follow your intuition, you’ll begin to receive magical validation. Synchronicities that are so amazing, your jaw drops at how perfectly they are arranged.

Like in the example above, when we were following our intuition on which way to drive... It led us to the highest timeline, one where we got the magic validation of a fun celebrity sighting and relaxing, beautiful views.

So, for step 4, we want you to take your journal or piece of paper you’ve been working with. And we want you to repeat this affirmation 3 times with focused intention:

I Understand My Mind Only Sees The “Limited Picture,” and So I Open Myself Up, Let Go of Resistance, & Trust In The Guidance of The Universe, Which Knows My Soul’s “Full Picture.” I Ask Source Now To Show Me The Way and My Next Step For My Highest Good.”

Then, without thinking too deeply about it, we’re going to write a list of possible places (or people we might reach out to) where we could begin our treasure hunt. Remember, the Universe speaks to us quickly (in seconds). So, we want to just write without second guessing or questioning what pops-up. 

One of our favorite places to look are Estate Sales. You can find upcoming ones here and add those to your list:

You might also write down websites to look at like or, or even just

Then, once we have our list of 5-10 places, we’re going to read them out loud. And write down whether we feel “Excited,” “Negative,” or “Neutral.”

The ones we feel most excited about are the ones we go to first. Then, the ones we feel neutral about, and we’ll likely skip ones we feel negative about.

The entire point of this exercise is to begin to notice our feelings – go by our “intuitive hits” (or guideposts from the Universe) we receive, as opposed to relying on limited logic.

These guideposts form our treasure map. Sometimes there will be only one guidepost to follow before we reach our "X on the map." Other times, we may have to visit 2-5 guideposts, before we find our treasure.

After you’ve made this list, you might continue adding to it throughout the day as new ideas emerge. Let yourself be open to inspiration.

If you end-up getting stuck and say to yourself, “I’m not intuitive,” or “I don’t feel anything,” that’s okay.

Not long ago I (Hans) was very closed off to intuition as well. I operated mostly from the mind. All people, but especially men may have been told growing up “not to cry” and were punished or dismissed for showing our emotions. We’re told to “toughen-up” at all costs. What this messaging really does is teach us to cut ourselves off from our bodies and the emotions that arise there. We’re literally turning off our connection to Source. Our superpower.

The good news is all we need is a simple “willingness” to turn it back. So, if you get stuck, I encourage you to remember this is like learning a skill – like riding a bike for the first time or a different language. Be patient with yourself and just give it your best effort. 

I promise it will get easier if you set an intention to be open to feeling. You cannot do this wrong. If those limiting beliefs come-up about not being able to feel, I want you to take a break and then come back to the affirmation and try again. It also helps to get in your body a bit. So, you might jump around (the crazier the better) or go for a walk right before you try a second time.

You can do this, I know you can. Here’s the affirmation one more time (give it a try, what do you have to lose?)…

“I Understand My Mind Only Sees The “Limited Picture,” and So I Open Myself Up, Let Go of Resistance, & Trust In The Guidance of The Universe, Which Knows My Soul’s “Full Picture.” I Ask Source Now To Show Me The Way and My Next Step For My Highest Good.”

Tomorrow, we’re going to go out and follow our newly formed Treasure map.

Look for the Subject line, “Let’s go Treasure Hunting”

Talk again soon,

Hans & Katie

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