Day 4: The Sixth Sense Method

Welcome back to our Treasure Hunting journey.

You may not fully realize it yet, but we've taken some giant leaps already.

For maybe the first time we're shifting from trying to manifest all alone – to finally co-creating with the Universe as our guide.

In step 1, we tapped into the infinite intelligence of The Universe (or Source) for inspiration on our manifestation idea – the perfect unique gift for us. And in step 2, we created heartfelt meaning for our manifestation, which raises our frequency to love and joy (the vibration of Source).

As you’ll see by the end of the next 8 days, this shift from going solo to partnership is going to open the doors to a ton of magic in your life – as treasures and synchronicities ("meetings with source") suddenly appear.

In today’s lesson we’re going to share with you…

Step # 3: Build Overwhelming Positive Emotion
To Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Why do we need step 3?

As discussed, one of the biggest obstacles to manifesting is our “worthiness blocks” and other limiting beliefs. Most of us don’t feel worthy of receiving outside our “brackets of possibility,” and that’s especially true with bigger manifestations.

Even with smaller treasures, there are still blocks and limiting beliefs that will come-up. But, since they are not as large, we’ve found there’s a simple solution to overcome them.

And that’s by building-up our positive emotions – so much they lift us over our limiting beliefs.

To do this, we use what we’ve come to call “The 6th Sense Method.”

We have many examples in The Thrifty Manifestation eBook, where Katie used this method to manifest her dream Camping Van, and I used it to manifest my dream couch.

The 6th Sense Method allows you to picture your manifestation and the feelings of having your desire so clearly… it’s like you already have it.

To use the method, we’re going to visualize having our manifestation with all of our senses. Take the piece of paper or journal from the previous lessons.

Now, we’re going to add-in and finish these 5 sentences where we imagine what having our manifestation is like:

1. I see

For example, let's say we want to manifest a new coffee table. We might write... I see a beautiful, modern, white coffee table that fits in perfectly with all of my black furniture. It brings me so much joy as it elevates my living room by adding a sense of fun to the room).

2. I hear

Example:  I hear music playing as my feet rest on the table – my heart feeling happy as I’m completely absorbed into the moment).

3. I smell

Example: I smell a cup of coffee for me and my guests peacefully sitting on coasters on top of the table. It feels great to have a table all my friends and guests can enjoy when they come to visit).

4. I taste

Example: I taste the hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and snacks resting on top of the table. Having this table is a lot of fun. It's perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

5. As I touch the manifestation, I feel

Example: I feel the smooth surface, free of scratches, and cool to the touch. The perfect workmanship bring feelings of awe and inspiration.

As you go through these sentences, you want to really feel the emotions. Include how it makes you feel like to see, hear, smell, touch, and taste when you have or are using your manifestation? Feeling those emotions are the most important part.

As with all the steps so far, we're not overthinking this. We're "free writing" using our imagination. This should feel fun and not like a homework assignment. 

The goal of this method is to build inspirational energy. So, whenever doubts and limitations come-up, we can return to the feelings we've created with the 6th sense method. 

Remember, Thrifty Manifestation is all about practicing our manifestation skills. It takes a few times before we are experts at harnessing our "feeling senses" and emotions to overcome limitations.  So, by using the 6th Sense Method on small things like a coffee table, we can soon use it for the bigger things too. Make sense?

Finally, when you've finished your visualization, we want to solidify our intention. 

We've found "energy + focused intention" is the key to overcome all limitations.

Repeat this affirmation 3 times out loud:

“I’m willing and ready to let go of the need to know “how” my manifestation will appear. I now place my full trust in the knowing that my manifestation is guided and I release any beliefs that would limit my capacity to receive.”

And that’s it. Trust that it is done, and when the Universe gives you guidance, you will trust and follow the steps.

Now, I know you might have noticed, we called our visualization method “The 6th Sense method,” but we only used 5 senses. The reason for this is because we add in our “6th Sense” in step 4.

Tomorrow we’re going to show you how to receive your “Treasure Map” from the Universe – direct guidance to where your dream manifestation is waiting for you.

You won’t want to miss this. Until then, make sure to stop by the Facebook Group and let us know how your journey is going. We love hearing from you.

Talk soon,

Hans & Katie

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