Day 3: Syncing Up With Source

Welcome back to our second lesson of the Thrifty Manifestation 8-day Treasure Hunt. Yesterday, we covered the first step of the Thrifty Manifestation Method, where we received an idea for our manifestation. Today, we’re diving into…

Step 2: Finding your full why.

Now, I have to admit at first glance, we might be tempted to skip this step. Why do we need to find know our why for a simple new recliner or necklace?

As we discussed in the Thrifty Manifestation eBook (available with the Dream Vacation Treasure Hunt or by itself on Amazon), there are actually a ton of reasons. Knowing why we want our manifestation gives it meaning – a heartfelt emotional connection, which links us to all that is (Source).

This is important because when we step out of our “Brackets of possibility” even a little bit, the “ego mind” begins to pop-in. Almost immediately after choosing a manifestation, you may notice your mind start asking, “Why do you need this? Isn’t what you have good enough? How’s it even possible for you to manifest this? Where will it come from?”

We’ve found the best way to quiet these doubts is to give the busy mind something to “chew on.” A logical reason that helps it justify your manifestation.

There are 3 main "reason why’s":

1. For personal pleasure and enjoyment – ex: wanting a new BMW because we travel a lot and it would feel great to do all that driving in comfort and style.

2. For personal growth and transformation – ex: wanting to get in better shape for more energy and confidence.

3. For the benefit of other people – ex: wanting a manifestation to give as a gift to a loved or someone deserving.

In the eBook, we tell the story of how Katie manifested a one-of-a-kind camping van for a great deal.

One of her main motivations was #3, for the benefit of her son Elias. She wanted to go on adventures so they could bond and become closer while he was still young.

This helped her manifest in 3 ways:

First, it gave her mind a reason to justify why this purchase was important. This wasn’t a luxury purchase, it was for someone she loved. And, she had to have it while he was still at the right age. So, whenever a doubt popped-up, this acted as a clear response to the minds’ questions.

Second, the seller of the Van happened to be a family man. He related very much to Katie’s motivation and gave her a great deal because of it.

Finally, this “reason why” gave the van heartfelt meaning, which connected Katie to the Higher Frequencies of the Divine – Love & joy. These high frequencies melted away anything that was not in alignment and matched Katie with what was.

In other words, "finding your why" just might be one of the most powerful ingredients to successful manifestation.

Let’s go-ahead and write down our “reason why’s.” You can write this down on the same sheet of paper you wrote your manifestation idea on (from day 1). 

1. Why will this manifestation give you personal pleasure and enjoyment (make you feel good)?

2. Why will this manifestation help your personal growth and transformation (build confidence, build trust & faith in your connection to source, & help you grow as a person)?

3. Why will this manifestation benefit other people? Write down who they are (whether you already know them, or maybe others you haven’t met yet).

Keep in mind, you may only have one or two reasons why. All three of these motivations can be very powerful – even personal pleasure and enjoyment (as long as you feel deserving of it from a place of joy).

As Katie likes to say to her coaching clients, “when you show-up for you and choose to fulfill your needs and desires, Source shows up for you 10 fold.”

Okay, that covers step 2. Once you’ve finished this task, make sure to check-out the Facebook Group and give us an update about your progress or ask a question. Any stories to share about receiving your manifestation idea?

Tomorrow, we’re going to have some fun as we explore “The 6th Sense Method” to overcome all our limitations. This step is a lot of fun.

Look for the subject line, “Day 4: The Sixth Sense Method.”

Talk soon,

Hans & Katie

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