Day 2: Receiving Divine Inspiration

Welcome to the second day of The Thrifty Manifestation Treasure Hunt! 

I’m Hans and next to me in the picture is my best friend and big sis, Katie.  And for this next week, you can think of us as your personal "Treasure Hunting Journey Guides."

A few years ago, Katie and I were on a walk together when a wave of inspiration "hit us."

We realized we we're both in desperate need of new couches (mine had been damaged in storage and Katie's had wear and tear from her two pups).

So, we came up with the idea for a manifestation experiment – a game. Our mission: put our manifestation skills to the test and manifest two high-end couches of our dreams (all for under $500 each).

Sound impossible? Well, I remember having those doubts too. But, through the process of calling-in the couches, we perfected what we now call…

“Thrifty Manifestation”

Through this unique reality-creation method, we’ve manifested all kinds of fun gifts, blessings, and treasures (see some of them here)-- including our dream couches.

I received this $4,000.00 blue beauty for a few hundred (over 90% off). Katie got her couch worth thousands for $100.00. Her two pups love it.

As you'll see, anybody can manifest incredible gifts, treasures & blessings like these on a regular basis.

All it takes are 5 simple steps to start calling in treasures of your own. We go in-depth into all the steps inside our companion, Thrifty Manifestation eBook (highly recommended). Plus, include a ton more stories and examples there.

The 88-page guidebook is included with The Dream Vacation Treasure Hunt Video (currently, on sale for 75% off)

Or, you can also get the Thrifty Manifestation eBook for Kindle by itself on Amazon.

This 8-day eCourse will recap and reinforce the basics of the book. But, the main purpose is to guide you into calling-in your first Thrifty Manifestation.  In just 10-15 minutes per day, we'll walk you through the essentials of the 5 steps (plus a few surprises).

In today’s lesson, we’re practicing the first of the 5 steps: Choose Your Manifestation With The Universe As Your Guide!

As you’ll see, there are some pretty big differences between Thrifty Manifestation, and other manifestation methods you may have tried before.

Maybe the biggest is: Thrifty Manifestation turns manifestation into a game. And, with any worthwhile game, you need at least two to play. When it comes to our manifestation game, our playing partner isn't another person: it's the Universe.

As you'll soon discover, the Universe is always there to support and directly guide us. We'll be literally receiving intuitive breadcrumbs & guideposts from the Divine. These guideposts form our "Treasure Map."

Yep, you're seriously about to become a real-life "treasure hunter." How cool is that?

This is a HUGE missing puzzle piece almost every other manifestation method leaves out.

Trying to manifest it all by yourself simply doesn’t work. No matter how brilliant our minds are, we simply can’t see the “bigger picture” – how all the puzzle pieces fit together. But, the Universe can. It can see everything about us and the collective around us.

This is why we say that true manifestation is co-creation – working alongside The Universe. Letting a Higher Power take the lead.

When we follow the “guideposts” given to you by The Universe, that’s when real magic starts to appear.

I'm talking about...

* Perfectly timed meetings or "weird coincidences"...
* Sacred signs from the Universe flashing before you...
* And jaw-dropping moments that set your heart ablaze with gratitude....

With the Thrifty Manifestation Method, you’ll begin to encounter these “meetings with Source” (or “synchronicities”) daily.

Because Thrifty Manifestation is true manifestation (co-creation), this is why it works when nothing else has.

Now, when Katie and I came-up with the our "couch experiment," we didn’t choose to manifest mansions, millions of dollars, soul mate relationships, or other “big things.”

Instead, it was a relatively smaller manifestation… two couches. There are many reasons for “starting smaller” that we cover inside Chapter 3 of the Thrifty Manifestation eBook.

But, the big one is smaller manifestations have fewer “worthiness blocks” in the way of manifesting them. We feel worthy of having smaller treasures. And, this makes them perfect for practicing your skills and building confidence.

For instance, let’s say you’re trying to manifest a new car. Growing-up, your parents always bought practical used Toyota’s. So, owning a Toyota of your own feels very normal. Something within your “bracket of possibility.” On the other hand, a luxury Jaguar may feel very different. Even if you have the money, doubts in your head may pop-in like “Do I really need this? What will others think of me? Am I being greedy?” You simply aren’t sure if you feel worthy of having the nicer car.

Most manifestation methods have you start with those “big things.” But, the bigger they are, the more out of our “brackets of possibility” they are.

In many ways, “going big” sets you up for failure.

This is why we start with manifestations that are closer to our realm of possibility. Then, once you build confidence, that's when we move onto bigger and better things.

A few ideas for smaller manifestations might be physical items (“treasures," like Jewelry, beautiful furniture, artwork). Or they might be experiences (like tickets to a concert or sporting event).

For our very first Thrifty Manifestation, we would suggest choosing a physical Treasure. Something you can see, hold, and touch.

It should be in somewhat abundant supply (not impossible to find), but you don’t want it to be too “small” of an item either.

Our goal is to build confidence and show us how we are powerful manifestors. In the book, I give the example of a small manifestation: a Lasagna pan. Lasagna pans are typically very easy to find, but I made it more difficult by asking for exactly what I wanted: one that was large, deep, non-toxic, eco-friendly, from a trusted brand, and at a great price.

Okay, so we got those two guidelines down?

1. We’re looking for a “Goldilocks sized” manifestation – something not too big, not too small, but just perfect for our level of manifestation skills (just a little outside our “brackets of possibility”).

2. The first manifestation is most likely going to be a physical treasure (though if you feel called, it could be an experience – don’t overthink it, trust what you’re being drawn too).

With these two tips in mind, let’s jump into our first (of five) steps of the Thrifty Manifestation method. As mentioned, we go more in-depth inside The eBook. This is more of a quick "refresher" to give us the confidence & moral support to fully dive-in.

Step # 1: Choose Your Manifestation With The Universe As Your Guide!

With traditional manifestation methods, they often tell us, “We can manifest ANYTHING.” and they have you choose the wildest dream your mind can come-up with.

It’s good to remove limitations of what’s possible, but in practice, this approach doesn’t usually work for most people. For one thing, the big things are way out of our “brackets of possibility.” And second, it’s usually NOT co-creation. You’re taking the lead (driven by our “ego mind”) rather than working in partnership with The Universe as your Guide.

The Universe knows the big picture – how all the puzzle pieces fit together (I’m talking about the people, places, events, and your unique soul path fits together).

This is why in step 1 we want to start by opening to inspiration from the Universe (or “Source”). 

How do we do this?

We ask for an idea perfect for us and then “tune-in” for the answer. Have a simple willingness to Trust there is a Higher Power and we can receive guidance from it.

Don’t overthink this. The Universe speaks to us in sparks of inspiration (within seconds) when we are relaxed and open. What many people call “flow state.”

To help you get into flow, Katie and I want you to set your intention to receive the perfect inspiration for your first manifestation. An idea from The Universe.

Simply state this affirmation. Say it out loud with focused intention, three times (repetition in a confident voice helps solidify our intention):

“I call-in and connect with The Universe and my Higher Self. I’m open to trusting the guidance I receive based on what is for my highest and best. Please let me receive the perfect inspiration for my first Thrifty Manifestation.”

Sometimes after stating this, the idea will pop-in within seconds. Other times, the moment is not quite right. We haven’t yet fully developed our trust that inspiration can come in without willing it with our minds.

So, if the idea doesn’t come right away, no worries.

We encourage you to give it maybe a minute or two and then let it go for now. Trust The Universe is working on it and the perfect inspiration will pop-in in perfect “divine timing.”

Be open to whatever idea emerges. When it finally does, we want you to take a journal or a sheet of paper and write it down. We’ll be adding to the paper in step 2 (which we’ll cover tomorrow).

Look for the subject line, “Step 2: Syncing Up With Source” in your email inbox.

We are so excited to have you on this life-changing journey with us. We’re going to manifest something amazing. But, more important, we’re discovering how to deepen our relationship and trust in The Universe as our “Treasure Maps” are revealed.

Over time, connection to the Divine will open magic, love and unimaginable beauty into your life.

This is going to be so much fun.

If you want more Thrifty Manifestation before we get to Step 2 tomorrow, join in on our Facebook group. Here, you can ask questions, share what Divine Inspiration you’ve received, and learn many advanced Thrifty Manifestation secrets. Plus, so much more.

Until Tomorrow,

Hans & Katie

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