Day 7: Learn Your Lessons (Bonus Step)

Way to go! We’ve now gone through all 5 steps of the Thrifty Manifestation Method. And now… you either have begun your treasure hunting or are planning to in the next few days.

It’s great to go out and explore when we’re feeling excited and can tune-in to the guidance fully.

Now, when we go out to our first few guideposts, it’s important to remember what the main goal of the Universe is.

It’s not to fulfill your every wish like a Genie. Instead, the Universe’s main desire for you is to lead you to experiences for soul evolution – to help you live out & express your soul’s purpose, purpose, gifts, and talents.

Manifestations that help move you closer towards your soul’s truth often come much easier than other types of manifestations. This is why in step one we’re asking to receive inspiration from The Universe. An idea based on the “Bigger picture.”

As you tune-in and listen to the Universe on your journey, the guidance you receive is always aligned with the bigger picture. This means along the way, you’ll learn many new lessons about yourself and what you’re capable of. What you think you want can sometimes shift, as you're guided on this journey.

Even when manifestations appear very easily & instantaneously, they can carry important lessons.

These lessons might be around our worthiness blocks, where we discover the power of opening ourselves up to receive. In the eBook, I (Hans) talked about how I had to open myself up to receiving help from the delivery man when moving my dream couch.

Other lessons might be around trusting our intuition and connection to the Universe, where we run into obstacles when we don’t listen and magical validation and perfectly timed synchronicities when we do.

We might have lessons around losing attachment, where we try to control how our manifestations show-up and in the process cut ourselves off to important guideposts. For instance, we might get set on finding the manifestation at a certain store because we believe that’s the only place to get it. And, in the process, we ignore the breadcrumbs from the Universe trying to get you to look elsewhere.

When these come-up and we learn from them, it can be a blessing far greater than the manifestation itself. They change the course of our entire lives.

So, once you’ve gone out there and started the Hunt, we want to make a note in our journal. What lessons have you learned and are currently learning?

This is what the treasure hunt and life in general is all about – learning, growing, loving, and evolving.

You are far more special and powerful than you realize. And we’re thrilled that you’ve joined us on this journey to realize the magic that’s been hiding within.

Tomorrow, we’ve got one more short eCourse message to share. An invitation with different ways to continue this conversation. Make you sure you look for that email to see what we have in store for you next.

Talk tomorrow,

Hans & Katie

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