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Your new member log-in details (username & password) have been sent to your email address and will arrive in the next few moments. Look for the subject line, "Member Login Details Have Arrived (Welcome)". 

Once you have your username and password, you can log into the private member's area here:

The free 8-day eCourse will arrive in a separate email. Look for the subject line, "Confirm your request for information" and click the link inside to confirm your email address in order to receive the eCourse. Your first welcome lesson will arrive immediately.

If you have any problems getting started, email us at:  (please allow up to 24 business hours for us to get back to you).

NOTE: If the emails don't arrive in the next few minutes, be sure to check your spam filter. To ensure emails arrive in your main inbox, you can "whitelist" our email address ( Here's how:

For Gmail users: move us to your primary inbox

* On the phone? Hit the 3 dots at the top right corner, and click "move to" and then "Primary"

* On desktop? Back out of this email and then drag and drop this email to the "Primary" tab near the top of your screen.

For Yahoo users:
1. Open Yahoo Mail and log-in
2. Go to “Settings” then click “More Settings.”
3. Select “Filters” and hit “Add”
4. Name the filter and add:
5. Select to send all mail to “Inbox.”
6. Save your settings.

For AOL users:
1. Open-up your AOL email account
2. Open “Contacts” from the left navigation pane.
3. Click the “New Contact” icon and add
4. Click the “Add Contact” button and you’re set.

Outlook users:
1. Click the gear icon in Outlook and select "View all Outlook settings."
2. Select "Mail" from the settings menu.
3. Choose "Junk email" from the sub menu.
4. Click "Add" under "Safe senders and domains."
5. Enter
6. Choose "Save."  

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