Day 6: Treasure Hunting Time

Woo-hoo we made it. The day has arrived when all of our work pays off. We’re now ready for...

Step 5: Go Treasure Hunting!

In yesterday's lesson, we made our list of places to help us find our treasure. 

And, now our finished list might include estate sales, yard sales, local stores, websites, Google searches, or someone you know. Trust whatever comes up.

Our next step: go through the list, and feel into what place is most exciting at the moment we're ready to take action. Remember, we're not using logic, but our feelings.

Whatever feels most exciting, that's the place we're going to visit first. This might be today (or maybe we want to wait for the weekend for estate & yard sales). We want to feel energized and positive when we venture out.

Now, something important we want to talk about for our treasure hunt is having non-attachment to outcomes.

Katie has a great way of explaining it: 

Let’s say you go to a restaurant and order a salad from the menu with a few substitutions. You don’t want cheese or tomatoes, but you do want extra cucumbers.

When you put in your order, it goes to the back. You don’t follow the waitress to the kitchen and supervise them to make sure they did it correctly. Instead, you let go of how it's going to happen and trust it's taken care of.

When it comes to our treasure hunt, we’re doing it with the same level of trust. We’ve put our order in with The Universe and now we’re trusting everything is being arranged. The people, the places, the events, and the timing are all coming together. Your job is simply to trust the guidance you’re receiving.

Make sense? 

Okay, let's say we have just arrived at our first stop on the Treasure Hunt. When we get there, we want to have a sense of non-attachment. Whether this guidepost gives us our manifestation right away or not, we’re open to whatever happens.

We might browse the location, ask the clerk a question, and just be in a place of curiosity. Even when we are out and about, we’re noticing what feels exciting. Maybe on the way to your guidepost, you spot a yard sale and have an urge to pull over. Follow that inspiration wherever it leads.

Remember, we’re not logically thinking about where to look, but following our fun. It’s like you’re 8 years old again and following the ideas that pop into your mind.

There’s plenty of opportunities in our adult lives to analyze and think deeply. But, this isn’t one of them. We’re playing a game.

And since this is a game, there’s no attachment to what happens. If we spend some time at a guidepost looking and don’t see what we want, no problem.

We might not know why, but the Universe led us here. So, let’s trust it. We might realize later there was an important reason we had to come here first.

Whether we find what we want right away, or it takes a few guideposts, there’s always lessons to learn. Tomorrow, we’re going to share a bonus step all about those lessons.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go out there and follow our Treasure Maps. This is going to be a lot of fun!

Until tomorrow,

Hans & Katie

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