Join us for a week of play, synchronicity, and magic as we embark on…

“The Thrifty Manifestation 8-Day Treasure Hunt”

The exciting new manifesting game where we call-in a “small treasure of unmistakable value” from the Universe in only 8 days. What gift awaits?

A fabulous necklace?

A retro furniture set?

A pop art masterpiece?

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Hi, I’m Hans. And this is my best friend, sister, and fellow "treasure manifestor," Katie...

And together, we’d like to invite you to join us for a life-changing adventure game...

"The Thrifty Manifestation
8-Day Treasure Hunt"

This game is unlike ANY you’ve ever played before. In just 8-days, we'll go from "kindergarten level manifestation"... to "master level"...

As we call-in a “small treasure of unmistakable value” from the Universe.

This gift will astonish and delight you. And more important: in the process of inviting the treasure in:

You’ll understand the secrets to consistently manifest ALL your heart’s deepest callings, 24/7.

Now, manifestation will work when you need it -- at all times.

Everything clicks into place. Manifestation now feels quick & easy.

Take A Look at Some of The Treasures We’ve Already Manifested With The Thrifty Manifestation Method:

I received this $4,000.00 locally made-couch for a few hundred… (over 90% off)

Thrifty Manifestation got Katie a high-end couch of her own for literally $100. Her two pups are super grateful for this one, “Thanks mom!”

And see this awesome little vintage mid-century coffee table? On eBay it goes for around $875.00.

And, thanks to thrifty manifestation… we carted it away for $10 (98% discount).

I could go on and on. Katie loves to use Thrifty Manifestation to call-in beautiful jewelry, dresses, and even musical instruments. 

This crystal singing bowl normally sells for $300, but Katie got it for $25 (83% off). 

And how about the native american Squash Blossom necklace with Turquoise? Similar ones sell for $2,000.00 (on the low end). Katie's cost right around $100 (95% off).

For me, I use Thrifty Manifestation for calling-in awesome camping gear, kitchen toys, and we were even gifted a spectacular new Kayak free ($650.00 value). Katie, my nephew, and I love kayaking together...

Yes, many times we’ve manifested treasures for no money – either as gifts or trades. One of our favorite trades was a week stay in a beautiful 3-bedroom mountain cabin with a fire pit:

And maybe the most spectacular treasure was a camping van (nicknamed "The Blue Jay"). Katie got the van so she and my nephew could go on adventures together. She paid right around $500, while the retail value today is likely over $8,000.00 (a 94% discount).

How cool is that? Next on the manifestation list is an RV that fits all of us.

All of these awesome manifestations were given to us by the Universe as gifts.

No sacrificing on quality or design whatsoever. The Treasure Hunt helps you overcome all limiting beliefs on what’s possible.

Here's Are The 5 Easy Steps To Play Our Treasure Hunting Game:

Step 1 - Choose The Perfect "Goldilocks-Sized" Treasure You Want To Call-In

We're looking for a treasure not too big, not too small, but perfect for our manifestation skill level. Receive inspiration for your manifestation directly from The Universe!

Step 2 - Open The Doors To Real Magic By Finding Your Why.

This powerful step connects your manifestation to your heart, raises your vibration, & syncs you up to Universal intelligence. Watch as signs, perfectly timed events, and real magic flows-in.

Step 3 - Overcome Limiting Beliefs With The "6th Sense" Method

This is where we align with our desire by engaging all our senses: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, and a secret "6th sense" few people know about.

Step 4 - Receive Our Treasure Map From The Universe

True Manifestation is ONLY done in partnership with Source (the Universe). This is where we "tap-in" & receive "GPS guidance" on where our treasure is hiding & waiting for us.

Step 5 - Go Treasure Hunting

 This is the day we explore, play, and experience the thrill of the hunt -- many tell me this day's divinely guided events are the most fun they've had in years!

By Manifesting A "Small Treasure of Unmistakable Value" We're By-Passing All Our Blocks.

Many of us start by trying to manifest the "Big things": The house, the car, and soul mate.

Problem is, those are the exact things we're most blocked around. On a subconscious level, we don't believe we're worthy of receiving them. 

On the other hand, when we start "too small" with a parking spot for instance... we start questioning if it only appeared by chance.

This is why the Treasure Hunt is all about manifesting "Goldilocks sized" treasures. Not too big, not too small... but a treasure magical enough we KNOW we manifested it. 

I’m talking about manifestations with unmistakable value given to you as a free trade, a huge discount, or even as a free gift –

Treasures In Perfect Condition,
In The Right Color & Style, and
Easily Available.

Even better, is when the Universe gifts a surprise you never knew you needed.

No manifestation experience necessary. We’ll call-in something special even if you’re a “manifestation newbie” who’s never manifested anything.

Limiting beliefs will quickly disappear. Faith, trust, and feelings worthiness will grow. And by day 8,
 you’ll be brimming with confidence -- ready to receive bigger, more spectacular manifestations.

Best part is...

The 8-Day Thrifty Manifestation Treasure Hunt is FREE to Join.

So, what’s something small, but magical you desire in life? What could you use? A beautiful new necklace? A bigger TV? A fun new coffee table? What about tickets for a concert, play, or sporting event?

I invite you to join us and thousands of others in this life-changing 8-Day Thrifty Manifestation Community Treasure Hunt.

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